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Tecnon Smart Display officially put into operation at Shenzhen Shuiguan Express Bulong Station

Tecnon Smart Display officially put into operation at Shenzhen Shuiguan Express Bulong Station

      In September, Tecnon Smart Display LED advertising machine continued to upgrade many high-speed toll stations in Shenzhen. The completion of the transformation and officially put into operation is the Shenzhen Shuiguan Express Bulong toll station. It is understood that this toll station project has invested a total of 13 Tecnon Smart Display P3.84 full outdoor LED advertising machine, the display size is 1200mm*1800mm, placed on the island head of the entrance of the toll booth with double-column floor installation, making the screen reveal when the passing vehicles enter the toll plaza, which further meets the needs of current information display.


      In fact, Shenzhen Shuiguan Expressway is a highway located in Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is the main road from southwest to northeast of Shenzhen. It is also the first two-way 10-lane expressway in China that has been opened for operation. And available to police helicopter landing, big traffic volume make it become the best choice of LED advertising machine and other outdoor media equipment installation.


      On the other hand, outdoor media advertising is a media form rooted in the real life space of consumers. As a result, the advertising market of 100 billion yuan has gradually focused on the outdoor advertising industry in recent years, and the LED advertising machine is a popular carrier of outdoor media. The advantages of improving the accuracy of advertising, saving advertising costs, and enhancing brand image make LED advertising machines more and more an important channel for outdoor advertising. In addition to advertising display, in actual applications, LED advertising machines can also provide various functions such as electronic guidance, real-time dynamic information dissemination services for road conditions, and data collection for major high-speed toll stations.

      Thanks to the innovative functions of LED advertising machine, such as high energy saving, automatic brightness sensing and intelligent control, the Bron Toll Station, which is blessed by LED advertising machine, can not only meet the demand of current information display, but also the Bron Toll Station. Management and operation bring great convenience, no need to change programs on site and collect information on site, and can release programs and cloud storage services through wireless remote control; in addition, the number of times of playback of programs and content, playback time, etc. can be backed up in Excel. The form is downloaded to facilitate subsequent data statistics management.


      At the same time, the outdoor brightness of the Tecnon Smart Display P3.84 LED advertising machine used in this Bulong toll station project can reach 7000cd, not only equipped with temperature-controlled energy-saving fans, but also automatic image synchronization and rich display formats. The spread is faster and the effect is more pronounced. In the aspect of control, network cluster control is adopted, and the LED advertising machine terminal of any access system can be managed by accessing the platform through 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc., and the wireless network remotely releases information in real time, and the synchronous switching delay is low and convenient. Management and maintenance are the first choice for upgrading and renovating major toll stations.


      It is worth mentioning that as the project implementer and product provider of this project, Tailong Zhixian always insists on R&D as the core, and is determined to break the boundary of technological innovation, realize the evolution from quantitative change to qualitative change, and exhaust the new materials. New technologies, new functions, and new concepts have made smart city terminals such as LED advertising machines and smart LED light pole screens lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. At the same time, with its strong product performance and excellent solutions, Tailong Zhixian LED advertising machine has been upgraded and won wide acclaim in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Harbin and other high-speed toll stations, followed by Tailong Zhiming will also have high-speed toll station projects in some areas, so stay tuned!

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