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Outreach Activities

Outreach Activities

      On May 19, 2018, all the staff of Tecnon Smart Display went to the HUALANG Outreach College to carry out the expansion activities. The Outreach training not only brought us physical challenges, but also brought us a spiritual wealth. Volition, communication, mentality, cooperation, execution and other aspects have been fully exercised and upgraded, by personally experiencing specific scenario simulation projects. We work together to contribute to the team, to show the spirit of the team and to unite the team.

      First, establish a sense of cooperation, rational allocation of resources. Training start with the "Tongtian Tower", everyone performs their roles, quickly find their own positioning, something that seems impossible to an individual, turns into a possibility in front of the team. we must calmly and rationally analyze, comprehensively and systematically look at problems, make correct plans, and pay attention to the complementary advantages of human resources, so that we can take fewer detours, give full play to individual strengths, and solve problems efficiently.


      Second, trust is the foundation of team . Teams rely on trust and prosperous team work should trust each other, exchange ideas freely, and discuss problems together to find solutions. Each team member should know what he is doing, so that all team members have a common goal. Communication is very important!In the outreach training, one hundred people have one hundred ideas, and there is always a method suitable for team clearance.


      Third, trying is the beginning of success. Outreach training is a chance to challenge yourself and do your best to break through. Among them, the game "High-altitude grabbing bar" tests everyone's courage and determination. The higher the climbing, the more the pillars are swaying, and the more uplifting to catch the "bar" in the air, there must be strong determination to overcome the inner fear. In the end, everyone was brave enough to take the first step to overcome themselves. The theme of the outreach training is "pursuing excellence and challenging yourself." Through this outreach training, we understand that people's potential is endless. If you dare to challenge yourself, then you may break through yourself, improve yourself, and succeed. 


      Fourth, team building and corporate cohesion。 Team cohesion is the source of enterprise development. Only when teams coordinate and cooperate, cohesion will play a role. The cultivation of corporate cohesion has an important significance in team building. In the process of teamwork, the teams must cooperate with each other, learn from each other, help each other, cooperate with each other, and devote themselves to the competition of the team, and do their best to contribute their strength to the team.


      Under the scorching sun, the Tecnon Smart Display team did not get morale drop. There were sweat and tears in the training, and they were touched and grateful. The outreach training  has effectively expanded our potential, creativity and innovation, enhanced and strengthened the individual's psychological quality, and tempered our attention. At the same time, team members can more deeply experience the relationship between individuals and enterprises, between subordinates and superiors, and between team members, and enhance the trust and teamwork ability among colleagues. This inspires the team's higher enthusiasm for work and the power to fight for innovation, making the team more cohesive. A full day of outreach training ended successfully!

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