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Pole LED totem Market prospect analysis

Pole LED totem Market prospect analysis

Pole LED totem Market prospect analysis 

At the end of 2016, China has a total of 130,000 kilometers of expressways, the largest in the world, and is expected to increase 5,000 kilometers more in 2017. The increase in highway construction has promoted the vigorous development of the outdoor advertising industry, and the market demand for Pole LED Display is increasing. Back in 2012, the total amount of domestic high-definition LED smart display has reached USD9.3 billion. The market share of electronic screen advertising such as high-definition intelligent Pole LED display is the largest, reaching USD2.5 billion.

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Pole LED Display is suitable for display on street lights such as expressways and street sides.  Although the area is smaller than that of large screen, it can be used for the delivery of a variety of road section advertisements. Compared with traditional light box advertising, small-scale information dissemination gradually expands, which has greatly improved the advertising propaganda. Compared with large LED display, Pole LED Display is also much more convenient for installation. Pole LED Display only needs the auxiliary of the lamppost, without excessive manpower.

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Compared with static ads, Pole LED Display can not only display dynamic video advertisements, express more advertising content, but also be more eye-catching. Pole displayed has the feature of synchronous reception, synchronous playback, together with more than 140 degrees of view design, on the road. Even if sitting in a moving vehicle, one will not miss the advertising content. Driving on the highway, no matter how fast the car is, the driver will always come across HD pole displays.

led totem2.pngInstalled Pole LED Display on each light poles can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of light poles, make the road no longer monotonous, but also can play colorful adornment pictures according to different festivals to beautify the city. At the same time, it can also provide the public with weather changes, environmental pollution values and traffic conditions, which brings more convenience to the public.

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Pole LED Display not only has a good market prospect in China, but with the promotion of “One Belt and One Road”, the overseas market for Pole LED Display will be further expanded. Tecnon Smart Display Technology Shenzhen Co.,Ltd provides professional Pole LED Display solutions for customers in various countries. With professional commercial display technology and rich experience in LED project engineering, we can meet customers' needs.

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