Tecnon Smart Display helped to complete the Beijing Smart Street Light Project, escorting the construction of smart city! Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Tecnon Smart Display helped to complete the Beijing Smart Street Light Project, escorting the construction of smart city!

Tecnon Smart Display helped to complete the Beijing Smart Street Light Project, escorting the construction of smart city!

      A few days ago, the Gaoyu synthesis synthesis linked intersection showed such a scene: a connecting line connects an oil-electric hybrid vehicle to the illuminator base, and it is obvious that the intelligent system on the pole is charging the vehicle. This is the result of the official completion of the Benxi Smart Street Light Project, which is jointly operated by Huawei, Tecnon Smart Display, Liaoning Mobile Group and Lianchuang Media. On the same day, under the "magic" streetlight pole attracted many pedestrians, and even more when found that the pole is different, take the initiative to ask the staff to charge the operation steps and some other light poles Features.


      According to the on-site staff, the project is led by the Benxi City Housing and Construction Committee. It is planned to install smart street lights in the Synthetic heyu link road, shengli road extension section this year. At present, the synthetic LED road lighting installation has been completed in August. On the 8th, the whole line was lit. A total of 16 street lights and 16 LED light pole screens and a new energy charging pile were installed. All functions were officially put into use on the evening of the 15th.

      In the conversation with the staff, we learned that the LED screen used in this project is the P3.84 light pole screen provided by Shenzhen Tecnon Smart Display, and the display size is 800*400. Through close-up viewing, it is found that the LED light bar screen design is not only simple and elegant, the shape is novel and beautiful, and the display color is very rich, the picture quality is high-definition and fine, and it is more matched with many convenient functions, such as real-time rolling weather, news, holiday pictures. Wait a lot, greatly enriching the daily life of the citizens. In addition, compared to ordinary street lights, smart street lights upgrade a single function pole to integrate power, network and control. In addition to the above-mentioned new energy vehicle charging piles and LED light pole screens, various facilities such as monitoring probes and environmental quality inspections can be placed on the light poles. Intelligent lighting control, environment awareness, video surveillance, one-button alarm and other diverse functions.

      The relevant person in charge of Tecnon Smart Display also introduced us to the fact that the LED display used in this project is actually a new type of LED electronic screen applied to the street light pole. It is also an important category of smart city terminals, not only powerful but comprehensive. Product performance, but also the dual value of business and people's livelihood services. The outdoor display brightness of the LED light pole screen reaches 7000 cd, and the interior of the cabinet is equipped with a light-sensing probe to realize automatic brightness adjustment, which can save energy while reducing light pollution. In terms of protection, it is treated with professional surface technology of galvanized steel plate, and the dustproof and waterproof grade reaches IP68, and the anti-explosion effect of sunscreen is realized, which can ensure the product is used outdoors for eight years without fading.


      The official completion of the project has fully demonstrated the flexibility, adaptability and scalability of the new smart streetlights in practical use. The LED light pole screen is the best carrier for intelligent city informationization. The successful completion of the project provides more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, application and service, and allows the public to enjoy more convenience in the construction of smart cities.


It is worth mentioning that Tecnon Smart Display, as a smart city terminal brand, has always focused on the R&D and marketing of smart city terminal products, relying on the core team's 14 years of LED industry product and market experience, following the global thinking model, and combining the current The cutting-edge LED display technology, development and design provide indoor and outdoor intelligent LED integrated machine, intelligent LED light pole screen, intelligent LED signage and other series of terminal products in the construction of smart city. In the future, Tecnon Smart Display will also transform from “Made in China” to “wisdom in China” and become a global leader in smart city end products!

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